ConcertoGEL Midi Electrophoresis System

Product Description

ConcertoGEL Midi Electrophoresis System is designed for routine and rapid PCR sample screening as well as DNA fragment analysis. It can run up to 100 samples per gel, making this unit ideal for routine screening of medium number of samples. ConcertoGEL Midi is available with gel tray options of 10 x 7cm, 10 x 10cm or with both gel trays. It is equipped with components required to cast and run horizontal gels, including gel trays, combs, casting stand and gel tank. Power supply is available as the complete set or as a separate unit.



    • Ideal for routine, rapid PCR sample screening and DNA fragment analysis
    • Available with 10 x 7cm, 10 x 10cm gel trays or both
    • Up to 100 samples per gel can be resolved in a single run

Technical Data

SpecificationsConcertoGEL Midi Horizontal Electrophoresis System
Tank dimension (W x D x H)12.5 x 22 x 9 cm
Buffer volume300 ml
Gel tray (W x D)10 x 7 cm
10 x 10 cm
Max. Sample Capacity10 x 7 cm tray – 50 samples
10 x 10 cm tray – 100 samples



Data Sheet : ConcertoGEL Midi Electrophoresis System

Selection Guide : ConcertoGEL Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

Ordering Info

Cat. No.ConcertoGEL Midi Horizontal Electrophoresis System
EB-HES-CGMIDI7ConcertoGEL Midi, 10 x 7 cm gels: 1 gel tray and 2 combs (16 teeth), loading guides, casting dams
EB-HES-CGMIDI10ConcertoGEL Midi, 10 x 10 cm gels: 1 gel tray and 2 combs (16 teeth), loading guides, casting dams
EB-HES-CGMIDIDUOConcertoGEL Midi Duo, 10 x 7 cm and 10 x 10 cm gels: 2 gel trays and 2 combs (16 teeth), loading guides, casting dams


Optional Accessories

Cat. No.Accessories for ConcertoGEL Midi
CGMD-UVT710 x 7 cm UV Tray
CGMD-UVT1010 x 10 cm UV Tray
CGMD-PEPositive Electrode
CGMD-NENegative Electrode
CGMD-CDCasting Dams, 2 units
CGMD-FCFlexible Caster for ConcertoGEL Midi
CGMD-LGAdhesive Loading Guides
CGMD-BSBuffer Saving Blocks, 2 units, saves 100ml buffer
CGMD-CPCool Pack and Platform
CGMD-GSUV Gel Scoop, 10 cm
CGMD-VPViewing Platform for ConcertoGEL Midi
CGMD-CSxClearsight Lid for ConcertoGEL Midi, with fan and power source, replace x with ‘7’, ‘10’, or ‘DUO’
CGMD-LLid for ConcertoGEL Midi, no cables
CGMD-TTank for ConcertoGEL Midi, including electrodes
EB-HES-ECElectrophoresis Cable, black and red

ColorCat. NoCombs for ConcertoGEL MidiSample Volume (5mm thick gel)
CGMD1-0.75Comb for 1 sample, 1 marker, 0.75 mm thick270 µL
CGMD2-0.75Comb for 2 samples, 2 markers, 0.75 mm thick118 µL
CGMD4-0.75Comb for 4 samples, 2 markers, 0.75 mm thick57 µL
CGMD8-0.75Comb for 8 samples, 0.75 thick30 µL
CGMD10MC-0.75Comb for 10 samples, multichannel, 0.75 thick20 µL
CGMD12-0.75Comb for 12 samples, 0.75 mm thick17 µL
CGMD16-0.75Comb for 16 samples, 0.75 mm thick12 µL
CGMD20-0.75Comb for 20 samples, 0.75mm thick10 µL
CGMD25-0.75Comb for 25 samples, 0.75 mm thick7 µL
CGMD1-1Comb for 1 sample, 1 marker, 1 mm thick360 µL
CGMD2-1Comb for 2 samples, 2 markers, 1 mm thick158 µL
CGMD4-1Comb for 4 samples, 2 markers, 1 mm thick77 µL
CGMD8-1Comb for 8 samples, 1 mm thick41 µL
CGMD10MC-1Comb for 10 samples, multichannel, 1 mm thick27 µL
CGMD12-1Comb for 12 samples, 1 mm thick23 µL
CGMD16-1Comb for 16 samples, 1 mm thick16 µL
CGMD20-1Comb for 20 samples, 1 mm thick14 µL
CGMD25-1Comb for 25 samples, 1 mm thick10 µL
CGMD1-1.5Comb for 1 sample, 1 marker, 1.5 mm thick540 µL
CGMD2-1.5Comb for 2 samples, 2 markers, 1.5 mm thick236 µL
CGMD4-1.5Comb for 4 samples, 2 markers, 1.5 mm thick115 µL
CGMD8-1.5Comb for 8 samples, 1.5 mm thick61 µL
CGMD10MC-1.5Comb for 10 samples, multichannel, 1.5 mm thick41 µL
CGMD12-1.5Comb for 12 samples, 1.5 mm thick34 µL
CGMD16-1.5Comb for 16 samples, 1.5 mm thick24 µL
CGMD20-1.5Comb for 20 samples, 1.5 mm thick20 µL
CGMD25-1.5Comb for 25 samples, 1.5 mm thick15 µL
CGMD1-2Comb for 1 sample, 1 marker, 2 mm thick720 µL
CGMD2-2Comb for 2 samples, 2 markers, 2 mm thick315 µL
CGMD4-2Comb for 4 samples, 2 markers, 2 mm thick153 µL
CGMD8-2Comb for 8 samples, 2 mm thick81 µL
CGMD10MC-2Comb for 10 samples, multichannel, 2 mm thick54 µL
CGMD12-2Comb for 12 samples, 2 mm thick45 µL
CGMD16-2Comb for 16 samples, 2 mm thick32 µL
CGMD20-2Comb for 20 samples, 2 mm thick27 µL
CGMD25-2Comb for 25 samples, 2 mm thick20 µL