ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer

Product Description

ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer is a robust microspectrophotometer that provides full spectrum UV-Vis analysis. OD 600 measurement with cuvette mode enables measuring of bacteria concentration in liquid suspension to monitor growth of bacterial cultures. Enhanced with 7-inch touch screen design and built-in Android system, it allows quick navigation of application modules, easy operation and access of data without requiring connecting to a computer.

It is an integrated system that delivers fast and reliable quantification of nucleic acid and protein with microvolume samples as little as
0.5 μL.


  • Standalone
    Integrated Android system eliminates the need for a separate computer
  • 7-inch touch screen
    Easy and flexible operation with 7-inch color touchscreen interface
  • OD600
    OD600 pre-defined program for measuring concentration of bacteria
  • Microvolume
    Requires less than 2 μL samples for analysis, save your precious samples
  • Easy and Rapid
    Simply pipette, measure and wipe clean. Fast measurement time of less than 8 seconds
  • No Dilution
    No dilution of samples required
  • No Warm Up
    No more waiting time to warm up lamp
  • Long Lifespan
    Xenon flash lamp, 109 flashes (up to 10 years)
  • Compact
    Small footprint design conserves bench space
  • Flexible data output
    Results can be printed with built-in thermal printer. Data can be exported via USB

Product Selection Guide

ApplicationsND-3800-OD Nano DOT
ND-2800-ODJ Nano DOT
Nucleic Acid Analyzer
Full Spectral Data (200 - 800nm)

Measures Nucleic Acid Concentration

Measures Nucleic Acid 260/280 Ratio

Measures Nucleic Acid 260/230 Ratio

Measures Protein A280

Measures Protein BCA

Measures Protein Lowry

Measures Protein Bradford

Measures OD600

Measures Industrial Dyes (490nm)

Measures Gold Nanoparticles (520nm)

Each Standard Set Includes

  • Main device
  • Power adapter (DC 24V)
  • Mouse
  • Printing Paper (2 rolls)
  • Cuvettes (2 pcs)


Technical Data

SpecificationsND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer
Sample size0.5 μl - 2 μl (2 μl advised)
Path length0.2 mm (high concentration)
1.0 mm (ordinary concentration)
Light sourceXenon flash lamp
Detector type2048 – element linear silicon CCD array
Optical system
Single monochromator
Wavelength range200 – 800 nm
Wavelength accuracy±1 nm
Spectral resolution≤3 nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7 nm)
Absorbance precision0.003 Abs
Absorbance accuracy1% (7.332 Abs at 260 nm)
Absorbance range (10 mm equivalent absorbance)0.04 – 90 A
Detection range2 – 4,500 ng/μl (dsDNA),
0.1mg/ml-70mg/ml (protein)
Detection time<8s
Sample pedestal materialaluminium alloy and quartz fiber
Display7-inch touch screen
Operating voltageDC 24V
Operating power consumption25W
Stanby power consumption5W
Dimension (WxDxH)208 x 280 x 186 mm
Net weight3.6 kg
Software compatibilityAndroid system
Data output interfaceUSB

OD600 Measurement

SpecificationsND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer
Light sourceLED
Wavelength range600 ± 8nm
Absorbance range0-4A



Data Sheet : ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer


ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer


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Cat. No.Microspectrophotometer / Nucleic Acid Analyzer
ND-3800-ODNano DOT Microspectrophotometer ND-3800-OD, DC 24V