SymphonyPAGE Package Deals

Product Description

We offer 3 types of package deals for SymphonyPAGE Vertical Electrophoresis Systems. The package deals come with full vertical systems and power supply to suit your budget.

Technical Data

SpecificationsSymphonyPAGE Mini
Tank dimension (W x D x H)19 x 13 x 15 cm
Buffer volume2 gels: Minimum 250 ml 4 gels: Minimum 250 ml
Maximum 1200 ml Maximum 1200 ml
Gel tray (W x D)8 x 8.5 cm
Plate dimension10 x 10 x 0.2 cm
Standard run time for SDS PAGE1-2 hours from 90-225 V
SpecificationsSymphonyBLOT Mini
Tank dimension (W x D x H)19 x 13 x 15 cm
Buffer volume1.2L maximum
Gel capacity4 mini gels
Max. gel size8 x 8.5 cm
Running conditions100V (1-2 hours)
SpecificationsSymphonyW Maxi Tetrad
Tank dimension (W x D x H)26 x 16 x 28 cm
Buffer volumeMinimum 1200 ml, Maximum 5600 ml
Gel tray (W x D)20 x 20 cm
Max. Sample CapacitySlab - 192 samples
48 samples/gel
Tube – 10 tubes
Blot – 4 blots



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Ordering Info

Cat. No.SymphonyPAGE Package Deals
VSPMINICBS-ML300SymphonyPAGE Complete Mini, 10 x 10 cm gels , Vertical Electrophoresis & Blotting System, comprising:

  • 1x Mini Vertical Unit, EB-VES-SPMINISYS which includes: PAGE Module, 2x2mm thick notched glass plates, 2x2mm thick plain glass plates with 1mm thick bonded spacers, 1x blanking plate, 2x combs (1mm thick, 12 samples), 1x casting base, silicone mat, cooling pack

  • 1x Standard Electroblotting Module, VSPMINIBM, SymphonyBLOT Mini Insert - including 4 cassettes, 16 foam pads

  • Melody300

SPMINISYS-ML300SymphonyPAGE Mini System, 10 x 10 cm gels comprising:

  • 2 glass plates with bonded 1 mm thick spacers, 2 combs (12 teeth), cooling pack, blanking plate and casting base

  • Melody300

SPMAXITETRAD-ML500SymphonyW Maxi System, 20 x 20 cm gels comprising:

  • 2 x glass plates with bonded 1 mm spacers, 2 x 24 sample combs, cooling pack, dummy plate, casting base, external casting upstand, plus 2 x notched glass plates with 1 mm bonded spacers (2/pk) and 2 x 1mm 24-sample combs

  • Melody500