TT-EP ElitePRO Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette

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Product Description

TT-EP ElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette series is the latest innovation based on ergonomics, comfort and accuracy aspects of liquid handling research. ElitePro is a well-balanced perfect module that comes in nine models with full adjustable volume ranging from 0.2 μL to 10 mL. Built with robust yet ergonomic construction, it is fully autoclavable at 121oC for complete sterility. The AccuLock brake feature helps to protect against accidental volume changes while the digital micrometer display is always visible. ElitePro is a premium pipette range that is lightweight and ergonomically designed, exhibits unsurpassed accuracy and extremely comfortable even after prolonged use.


Maximum Pipetting Comfort

Reduced Pipetting Forces
Spring pressure is engineered to minimize actuation forces to only 4.0 Newtons

Ergonomically Contoured Tip Ejector Button
Button is contoured and angled to protect against discomfort and reduce pressure on the thumb, minimize fatigue after prolonged use

Hybrid Hook Design
The 130° hook is positioned for an ergonomic finger rest and reduces tension while holding it

Slim and Rounded Handle Design
Handles are thin, rounded and smooth for comfortable fit in either the right or left hand

Exceptional Accuracy and Reproducibility

Adjustable Volume & Locking Wheel
Continuously adjustable digital micrometer for volume setting and optional locking wheel positioned at the top of the handle protect against unintentional volume change

Air-jacketed Handle
Eliminates volume expansion due to hand heat transfer

Finely Polished Stainless Steel Piston & Chemical resistant, Maintenance-free Seals
Both features serve as precision ground and to ensure accurate performance, provide exceptional piston and seal life


Compatible with a wide range of tips and most commonly used lab tubes

Calibration Tool Included

Free calibration tool supplied with each ElitePro Pipette. The unique open-ended design allows the wrench to be used without any disassembly and without removing the plunger button

Technical Data

Cat. No.Volume RangeIncrementAccuracyReproducibility
TT-EP-2U0.2 - 2 μL0.002 µL
± 12.0 - 1.5%≤6.00 - 0.70%
TT-EP-10U1 - 10 μL0.02 µL
± 2.5 - 1.0%≤1.50 - 0.40%
TT-EP-20U2 - 20 μL0.02 µL
± 2.5 - 1.0%≤1.50 - 0.30%
TT-EP-50U5 - 50 μL0.2 μL± 2.0 - 1.0%≤1.50 - 0.25%
TT-EP-100U10 - 100 μL0.2 μL± 1.8 - 0.8%≤0.50 - 0.15%
TT-EP-200U20 - 200 μL0.2 μL± 1.8 - 0.8%≤0.50 - 0.15%
TT-EP-1M100 - 1000 μL2 µL
± 1.5 - 0.8%≤0.30 - 0.15%
TT-EP-5M1 - 5 mL0.02 mL
± 1.2 - 0.6%≤0.30 - 0.15%
TT-EP-10M1 - 10 mL0.02 mL
± 2.5 - 0.6%≤0.30 - 0.15%

Ordering Information

Cat. No.Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette
TT-EP-2UElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-2U, 0.2-2 μL
TT-EP-10UElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-10U, 1-10 μL
TT-EP-20UElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-20U, 2-20 μL
TT-EP-50UElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-50U, 5-50 μL
TT-EP-100UElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-100U, 10-100 μL
TT-EP-200UElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-200U, 20-200 μL
TT-EP-1MElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-1M, 100-1000 μL
TT-EP-5MElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-5M, 1-5 mL
TT-EP-10MElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette TT-EP-10M, 1-10 mL

Optional Accessories

Cat. No.Carousel Stand
TT-EP-CSElitePro Carousel Stand For Up to 6 Pipettes
Cat. No.Pipette Tips
TT-EP-T5MTips, 5 mL, 250 ea / pack
TT-EP-T10MTips, 10 mL, 150 ea / pack