ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer

ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer is a robust microspectrophotometer that provides full spectrum UV-Vis analysis. The newly added application of OD600 measurement with cuvette mode enables measuring of bacteria concentration in liquid suspension to monitor growth of bacterial cultures. Enhanced with 7-inch touch screen design and built-in Android system, it allows quick navigation of application modules, easy operation and access of data without requiring connecting to a computer.

It is an integrated system that delivers fast and reliable quantification of nucleic acid and protein with microvolume samples as little as 0.5 μL.


  • Standalone
    Integrated Android system eliminates the need for a separate computer
  • 7-inch touch screen
    Easy and flexible operation with 7-inch color touchscreen interface
  • OD600
    OD600 pre-defined program for measuring concentration of bacteria

Technical Data

Specifications ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer
Sample size 0.5 μl - 2 μl (2 μl advised)
Path length 0.2 mm (high concentration)
1.0 mm (ordinary concentration)
Light source Xenon flash lamp
Detector type 3864 – element linear silicon CCD array
Wavelength range 200 – 800 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1 nm
Spectral resolution ≤3 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
Absorbance precision 0.003 Abs
Absorbance accuracy 1% (7.332 Abs at 260 nm)
Absorbance range (10 mm equivalent absorbance) 0.02 – 90 A
Detection range 3 – 4,500 ng/μl (dsDNA)
Detection time <10s
Sample pedestal material aluminium alloy and quartz fiber
Operating voltage DC 24V
Operating power consumption 40W
Stanby power consumption 5W
Dimension (WxDxH) 210 x 268 x 181 mm
Net weight 3.0 kg
Software compatibility Android system

OD600 Measurement

Specifications ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer
Light source LED
Wavelength range 600 ± 8nm
Absorbance range 0-3A

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Microspectrophotometer / Nucleic Acid Analyzer
ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer ND-3800-OD