TT-300-GBS Glass Bead Sterilizer

TT-300-GBS Glass Bead Sterilizer offers a fast and effective method to decontaminate solid metal and glass implements in seconds. It works by heating the glass beads to about 300oC to effectively destroy all microbes and spores. Suitable for sterilizing forceps, scissors, scalpels, needles and inoculating loops.


  • Effective sterilization of solid metal and glass implements
  • Safe to use – no gases, open flames or harsh chemicals
  • Digital temperature display
  • Compact foot print, can be placed in Laminar Flow Cabinet

Technical Data

Specifications TT-300-GBS Glass Bead Sterilizer
Temperature control range 100℃ – 300℃
Temperature stability ≤±5℃
Heating speed ≤25 min.
Heating well volume Ø40 mm x 80 mm
Glass bead capacity 150 g
Material of construction (cover) Stainless steel
Material of construction (insulator) Green mineral wool
Voltage AC 110V/AC 220V,50/60Hz
Power 120W
Fuse 250V, 2A/3A, Ø5x20
Dimension (WxDxH) 130 × 150 × 200 mm
Net weight 2 kg

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Glass Bead Sterilizer
TT-300-GBS-110V Glass Bead Sterilizer TT-300-GBS, 100 300°C, heating well volume Ø40 x 80 mm, AC 110V
TT-300-GBS-220V Glass Bead Sterilizer TT-300-GBS, 100-300°C, heating well volume Ø40 x 80 mm, AC 220V