TT-300-GBS Glass Bead Sterilizer

TT-300-GBS/ TT-300L-GBS Glass Bead Sterilizer offer a fast and effective method to decontaminate solid metal and glass implements within 10 seconds. TT-300-GBS/ TT-300L-GBS work by heating the glass beads to about 300°C to effectively destroy all microbes and spores. Suitable for sterilizing forceps, scissors, scalpels, needles and inoculating loops. TT-300L-GBS is an improved version that features greater glass bead capacity up to 600 g which enables sterilization of larger equipment. It is specially designed for better heat dissipation with the unique multiple slits, ensuring safe operation.


  • Comes with two different capacities
  • Multiple slits to enable better heat dissipation
  • Effective sterilization of solid metal and glass implements
  • Safe to use – no gases, open flames or harsh chemicals
  • Digital temperature display
  • Portable, lightweight and compact footprint, can be placed in Laminar Flow Cabinet for convenience


  • Laboratory equipment sterilization such as forceps, scissors, scalpels, inoculation loops, glass spreader, forceps
  • Suitable for microbiology, tissue culture, life science laboratory

Technical Data

Specifications TT-300-GBS Glass Bead Sterilizer TT-300L-GBS
Glass Bead Sterilizer
Temperature control range 100℃ – 300℃ 100℃ – 300℃
Temperature stability ≤±5℃ ≤±5℃
Heating speed ≤25 min. ≤25 min.
Heating well volume Ø40 mm x 80 mm Ø40 mm x 150 mm
Glass bead capacity 300 g 600 g
Material of construction (cover) Stainless steel Stainless steel
Material of construction (insulator) Green mineral wool Green mineral wool
Voltage AC 110V/AC 220V,50/60Hz AC 110V/AC 220V,50/60Hz
Power 120W 300W
Fuse 250V, 2A/3A, Ø5x20 250V, 2A/3A, Ø5x20
Dimension (WxDxH) 130 × 150 × 200 mm 130 × 150 × 240 mm
Net weight 2 kg 2.5 kg

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Glass Bead Sterilizer
TT-300-GBS-110V Glass Bead Sterilizer TT-300-GBS, 100 300°C, heating well volume Ø40 x 80 mm, AC 110V
TT-300-GBS-220V Glass Bead Sterilizer TT-300-GBS, 100-300°C, heating well volume Ø40 x 80 mm, AC 220V
TT-300L-GBS-110V Glass Bead Sterilizer TT-300L-GBS, 100-300°C, heating well volume 40
x 150 mm, AC 110V
TT-300L-GBS-220V Glass Bead Sterilizer TT-300L-GBS, 100-300°C, heating well volume 40
x 150 mm, AC 220V